One reason your new plugged in gadget is not working

The other day I was talking to a client about a problem with a brand new router that was working the first day but stopped working the next day. It is unusual for a new device to just stop working but not unheard of so I asked some questions.

  • First, were there any lights on the device. In this case, all of the lights were off.
  • Next, I asked if the power cord was unplugged either from the router or the outlet. It was plugged in nice and tight at both ends.
  • Then I asked if it was plugged into an outlet strip or directly into the wall. It was plugged directly into the wall.
    • With fingers crossed I asked if there was a light switch in the room and if it was off. Yes, the light switch was off and by turning it back on the router came back to life. Similarly, if it was plugged into an outlet strip I would have asked if the switch on the strip was off.

The router was fine and there is now tape on the wall switch to prevent it from turning off. 🙂

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